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Pastors here is a great post on the various gospel tracts used at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles.  There are some good resources here. Read, “What gospel tracts do you use?”

Kevin DeYoung offers four brief theses on the subject of suicide.  We have discussed this issue several times at our church lately and with some recent high profile suicides, this is a timely article.

Focus on the Family gives 4 tips for gearing up for football season.  pay attention dads!


Daily living by faith on Christ is what makes the difference between the sickly and the healthy Christian, between the defeated and the victorious saint. (A.W. Pink)


Check this out! 8/28/14


A good article with helpful warnings to pastors.  Read, “Losing Your Voice: 4 Ways Pastors Lose Pulpits.”

Here is one by my good friend Deepak Reju for all of those who are dating.  He writes, “How to Break Up to the Glory of God.’

Here is a word to church leaders about the dangers of social media but these are good warnings for anyone.

Brett Kunkle responds to the question, “What can a parent do when their grown children have walked away from Christianity?”

An interesting article on the decline of churches that sanction same-sex relationships.  Read, “How to Shrink Your Church in One Easy Step.”

It is true that we may desire much more. But let us use what we have, and God will give us more. (Adoniram Judson)


Check This Out! 8/26/14


Here is a great post by Josh Buice entitled “The Uncommon Church.” I want my church to read this one!

Tim Challies lists “The Ten Greatest Hymns of All Time.” I know that lists like this are subjective but I would be inclined to agree with his.

Remember that story about the little engine that could? Maybe there was something to that.  Read it here.

If you are a leader who has ever had to lead any organization through a significant change, you will want to read Ron Edmonson’s, “The Absolute Most Common Reason Change is Resisted.”

This is a great article from Randy Alcorn entitled “Cultivating your Marriage and Guarding it from Impurity.” These principles apply to both men and women.

From Brian Croft, “How Does a Pastor’s Wife Care for her Husband When He is Attacked.”


“You cannot evade the issue of God . . . if Christianity should happen to be true—then defending it may mean talking about anything or everything. Things can be irrelevant to the proposition that Christianity is false, but nothing can be irrelevant to the proposition that Christianity is true.”

—G.K. Chesterton, Daily News (December 12, 1903)

The Sixth Commandment & The Sanctity of Life

Sunday morning I preached on  the sixth commandment from our Tablets of Stone series.  This commandment consists of four simple words in English (only two in Hebrew), but it has incredible implications for a culture that has lost its sense of the sanctity of life.  Here are some additional resources on this subject that you may find helpful.

The Sanctity of Life by John Davis

“The Sixth Commandment” – a sermon by Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

For those that are really motivated to learn about this subject, I would encourage you to check out this series of seven sermons  by Richard Phillips from the “Bearing the Sword Conference” which looks at the sixth commandment and how it applies to war and capital punishment.

A good video response for those who say that you can’t be pro-life if you support the death penalty.

Here is a page full of great resources from Answers In Genesis.

Check This Out 8/25/14

megaphone-kid-cropped29 Marks ministries asks, “It’s Wednesday morning. Do you remember what your pastor said on Sunday?” Read, “How can I make the most of the preaching I hear every week?”

Tim Challies offers “A Simple Method to Organize Your Prayers.”

Every couple considering marriage and any couple already married ought to read, “The Bridegroom’s Incredible Vow.”

Thom Rainer lists “Five Rasons many Churches are not Growing Evangelistically.”




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Now this is the kind of dieting I could get involved in.  Read, “Eat Man Food and Lose Weight: A Primer On Flexible Dieting.”

Albert Mohler has some wise words in “Lead with Empathy, Love Your Neighbor, Let the Truth Come Out — A Response to Ferguson”

John Piper outlines the difference between Old and New Covenant prophecy.

Ed Welch encourages us to develop “slower relationships.” 

Paul Tripp writes a helpful article on the difference between needs and desires.

Finally, you’ll want to check out “Don’t Quit Before the Whistle Blows.”