Especially for Pastors (May 4, 2015)

Brian Croft shares, “What I Learned from Pastoring a 106 Year Old Widow.”  Like a lot of you, I need to hear this most Monday mornings.  Take encouragement from Paul Tripp in “Every Ministry Morning.” Pastors, if you are concerned about disciple-making (and I know you are), you may want to check out, “Two Ways to Grow a Disciple-making […]

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Daily Rundown (May 4th)

Dr. Jason Allen, President of Midwestern Seminary, writes a thought provoking article on the current Baptist trend of baptizing increasing numbers of young children.  “On Sprinkling Infants, Baptizing Children, and Recovering Regenerate Church Membership.” A great read for parents from John MacArthur, “What Influence Do You Have on Your Children?” I really appreciate the ministry […]

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Daily Rundown (January 8th)

A great piece by Eric Metaxas in the Wall Street Journal on how, “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God.” A story of persecution in northern India. Trevin Wax addresses the issue of part-time church going in a post entitled, “Would You Skip Church for Football?” Given the recent popularity of many books and movies […]

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Daily Rundown (January 6th)

For my pastor friends, Dr. Hershel York offers, “Five Reasons to Plant Yourself in a Church and Stay There.” This one will take you about thirty minutes to read so give yourself some time.  But if you ever feel like your spinning your wheels with little to show after 24 hours you may want to […]

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Daily Rundown (January 2nd)

You may enjoy reading, “Biblical Archaeology’s Top Ten Discoveries of 2014.” The Wall Street Journal looks at some of the gadgets you can expect in the coming year in, “The Tech That will Change Your Life in 2015.” From Stand to Reason “Strengthen the Basics in 2015.” David Murray wishes, “A Holy and Happy 2015 […]

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