Check this Out (May 15, 2015)

Brad Lomenick lists “10 Simple Ways to Be Great.” An interesting twist in the culture wars. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that many companies that previously offered benefits to the same-sex partners of employees are opting to drop them unless the couples are married.  One should never forget the law of unintended consequences. Ray […]

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Church Chat

Joe Carter sets the record straight on some recent claims that evangelicalism is following the pattern of decline seen elsewhere in America. Read, Evangelicalism Continues to Grow While Christianity in America Declines.  You may also want to read, Factchecker: Are all Christian Denominations in Decline? Thom Rainer discusses, Fourteen Key Reasons for the Breakdown of Church […]

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Doing God’s Work, God’s Way

On the 26th May 1887, the 21st anniversary meeting of the China Inland Mission was held in the UK, with Hudson Taylor, it’s founder, presenting a fresh challenge to see 100 new missionaries sent to China that year. In that speech, Taylor famously remarked, “I do want you, dear friends, to realize this principle of […]

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Check This Out (May 7, 2015)

Phil Cooke explains, “Why You Should Stop Complaining About Being Busy.” Here is a word of hope for those struggling with entrenched, indwelling sin. Read, “Living With Eyes Forward to that Day.” Here is one for all of the productivity geeks out there. Tim Keller explains, “Why Sermons Often Bore.” Thom Rainer shares, “Nine Stupid […]

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