Check This Out (4/19/16)

This is the first time I have seen John piper weigh in on personal productivity. This is particularly good from a pastor’s perspective but there is some sound advice here for anyone.  Check out Ten Principles for Personal Productivity

Here are 5 Reasons Why We Need to Rest.

If you think playing the lottery is harmless fun you should check out Some Disturbing Facts About the Lottery.

Read 7 Ways to Live With Diabetes to the Glory of God. This is for anyone who struggles with a chronic health issue.

If you struggle to get things done you may want to check out, A Cure for Restlessness: Work When You Work; Play When You Play.

Chuck Lawless lists 15 Ways to Pray Like Jesus Prayed

Check This Out (4/15/16)

megaphone-boy1Here is a helpful reminder from Phil Cooke, Criticizing Culture Doesn’t Actually Change It. 

Earlier in the week I posted a podcast from Thom Rainer on the decline of congregational singing. Here are 15 helpful questions from Jamie Brown that help us to diagnose why our churches may not be singing.

Yet another archaeological find that supports biblical claims.

Over the years in ministry I have witnessed many Christians pull away from the church and from God during times of suffering.  Here are two good reasons from Kristen Wetherell not to.

In Defense of Praying for Aunt Sally’s Big Toe. (The title speaks for itself.)

Russell Moore with a helpful reminder of the Church’s resilience in, What to Do When a Pastor Falls. 

Psalm 103:10-12 He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his steadfast love toward those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west so far does he remove our transgressions from us. Read Our Forgetful God, by Tim Challies.

If you are a communicator, I think you will find Dan Reiland’s article as helpful as I did. “Why Do People Listen to You?” Let me know what you think.

Jared Wilson suggests that there are Three Things that Pastors Can’t Do to Much.

Stephen Miller gives some helpful advice in How to Be Yourself in Prayer.

Finally,  I really enjoyed this post from Chuck Lawless, 10 Things I’ve Learned from Missionaries.

J.C. Ryle and the Battle for Holiness

J.C. Ryle“The saddest symptom about many so-called Christians is the utter absence of anything like conflict and fight in their Christianity. They eat, they drink, they dress, they work, they amuse themselves, they get money, they spend money, they go through a scanty round of formal religious services once or twice every week. But of the great spiritual warfare – its watchings and strugglings, its agonies and anxieties, its battles and contests – of all this they appear to know nothing at all. Let us take care that this case is not our own. The worst state of soul is when the strong man armed keepeth the house, and his goods are at peace, when he leads men and women captive at his will, and they make no resistance. The worst chains are those which are neither felt nor seen by the prisoner”

Check This Out 4/12/16

megaphone-boy1Here is a good word for those who are suffering with chronic illness from David Bronson in, I Will Boast in My Weakness: How Chronic Illness Shows Christ’s Glory.

I always enjoy the tips over  at Time Management Ninja.  Here are 5 Little Things You Can Do to Make Yourself More Productive.”

Here is a good discussion with Thom Rainer and Mike Harland on the current move away from congregational singing in some churches.  I think we need to guard carefully against congregations becoming mere spectators.  Here is the link.

Here is a fascinating article in Christianity Today from Ed Stetzer on the difference between denominations and networks. Denominationalism is in decline and he offers several reasons why. Read Five Observation in the New Era of Christian Networks — and What Denominations Need to Learn. 


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