Feeling Called to Preach?

Those who are exploring a call to the ministry should check out Dr. Mohler’s words of counsel.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Called to Preach?

  1. The Squirrel Sniper says:

    How would you guide those who may have had all the pre-requisites for going into the ministry (aka. church affirmation, desire, ability) but because of schooling, job, and life have not had the fullest opportunity to nurture their calling? Be painfully honest…

    I have found so many times how dry the calling has become due to the strains of life involved with pursuing the calling. What a paradox! The very things that seem as if they would make my calling all the more secure, but yet they parch my desire. It seems as though sometimes the only thing keeping me in the pursuit of ministry is the calling that I knew from earlier years.

    From speaking with other brothers who are active in vocational ministry, many have said that there worlds were rocked when they finally hatched from the seminary egg and got into the water with the gators. Yet everyone of them said that getting their “feet wet” was just what they needed to bring revival in their heart, and a salted gospel to their lips.

    What would you do if you could “do it (seminary years) all over?”

  2. Todd Crosby says:

    I think a number of students probably have felt what you are describing. I think I might offer two words of advice. 1) remember that seminary is for a season and 2) it is absolutely vital that you be involved in local church ministry.
    I know that the demands of work, classes and family are difficult, but they are not going to get a lot easier when you are involved in vocational ministry. Some students (and I don’t mean you)put local church involvement on the back-burner while at seminary and this will cause you to dry up. I would imagine that you felt the call to ministry while you were heavily involved in ministry at your local church. That involvement is just as vital in helping you maintain that initial fire. I would also add that your church involvement is vital in helping you examine the validity of that calling and discerning whether or not you are truly gifted in ministry. A diploma does not mean one is called to vocational ministry. Roll up your sleeves and find something to do in the church and my guess is that the fire will return.
    I would love to talk with you more about this if you would like.

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