Opposing Worldviews

I am currently preaching through the first eleven chapters of Genesis at Parkwood on Sunday mornings. I have purposely tried to avoid turning the sermons from the first two chapters into apologetics against atheistic Darwinism. While I am a literal six-day creationist, which makes me a young-earther of some stripe, I think there is a greater message there than the age of the earth or the length of the creation days. Darwin published The Origin of Species in 1859 and I believe Genesis was relevant long before a naturalistic worldview came on the scene. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that the biblical and naturalistic worldviews are irreconcilable when it comes to the first two chapters of Genesis.

Dr. Mohler has written a short blog post on this topic today. And let’s all please keep Dr. Mohler and his family in our prayers as he once again faces surgery.


2 thoughts on “Opposing Worldviews

  1. This last Sundays sermon was one of the best sermons I have heard preached at Parkwood. I am going to point out one thing that I heard you state that I think most Christians are naive to concerning evolution. Your sermon was not emphasizing the debate between creationism and evolution, nor do I believe this post to be trying to either, it just reminded me of something that you said in the sermon that, before last year, I would have agreed with whole heartedly.

    I will try and paraphrase probably about 3-4 sentences that you spoke in the sermon.
    “Evolution is a belief that we are getting better. We are more highly evolved than our ancestors. We came from apes and are moving to a more highly evolved form.”

    I am addressing this, because about a year ago I had a 3 hour long discussion with a professor of biology concerning the implications of evolution that rocked my understanding of what I thought evolution to be. The professor is my brother in law. I used similar wording as you used this sunday about how man is more highly evolved,apes are behind, and everything came from some primordial sludge…etc. I was giving some of the best arguments against evolution I knew. However, Matt questioned if I really understood what evolution was. I was pretty sure that I knew and I tried to give a good explanation (macro and micro evolution, genetic drift, etc). He then stated that I partially understood the details of evolution but not the big picture. He stated that this is what “many Christians mess up.” What he said after that about floored me because I had been ignorant of how bad evolution really was. I was giving evolution Christian capital.

    “Evolution is the study of how things change. Not the value of that change.”
    “Most people look at the ‘evolutionary tree’ and see man at the top, apes lower, and amoeba’s at the bottom. They then deduct that evolution is saying that man is ‘better’ than apes, or grass, or whales.”
    “This is a wrong understanding of evolution. Evolution is better depicted as a flat line where nothing that exist is of more value than another because we all come from a common ancestor.”
    “You can’t say that you are ‘better’ than the ape, because that ape has features and abilities that help him survive in situations that you would die in.”
    “Evolution is the study of adaptation and change for survival, man is the only one who gives value to that change.”

    I stood back and then asked him, “So your saying that a dog is the same value as a child?”


    (Can we say Peter Singer?)

    I didn’t even realize, until this conversation on a seemingly small angle of the evolutionary debate, that I had been giving away the Christian capital of human value to the evolutionary process. I was taking my “worldview” and putting it into evolutionary model. Evolution is worse than I thought!!

    This may not be news to some people, but I know that I have heard so many Christians state the evolutionary misconception of value. There is no value in their model. They are investing Christian ideals into evolution’s model. We give them too much benefit.

    We do have to be wise though about painting this as a straw man. Most evolutionist would agree with my brother in law, but in practice live as though there is value. Just another testament to the ridiculousness of a true evolutionary understanding.

  2. This is true. That is why I emphasized that only the biblical worldview allows for the dignity of mankind. if evolution is true, then “a tree is a pig is a dog is a boy.” This is what has led some evolutionists to accuse us of “speciesism.” I don’t think most evolutionists want to live in the world that evolution naturally leads us into.

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