Witnessing at Work

For all of you who have ever had difficulty witnessing at work, check out Timmy Brister’s post on The Cross Isn’t Sexy: A Dying Man’s Confession


One thought on “Witnessing at Work

  1. I enjoyed this post. I understand what he went through with his supervisor, twice I have been got on to for witnessing at work, once I was told to stop giving out tracts and again for witnessing to someone. The supervisor who told me to stop witnessing claimed to be a christian.

    You never know if you are doing any good,but this week a guy that I had been trying to witness to for years but wouldn’t listen to nothing I had to say in that respect called me and ask me to pray for his wife she was really sick, so maybe there is light at the end of that tunnel. And by the way he doesn’t work with me anymore more. So everyone keep trying to witness to your co-workers.

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