You Gotta’ See This Movie!

I don’t endorse a lot of movies, largely because I find so few worthy of endorsement. However, I do want to encourage everyone to go see Ben Stein’s new movie, Expelled. Stein chronicles the antagonism the academic establishment has towards anyone who dares question the dogma that is Neo-Darwinism. This is not a movie that argues for Biblical creationism. It focuses instead on those scientists who have faced expulsion from their classrooms for lending any credibility to the Intelligent Design movement.

The movie is worth the price of the ticket just to see Stein’s interview of Richard Dawkins at the end. Dawkins, the outspoken atheist author of The God Delusion, is forced to admit that Darwinism presents no real explanation of the origins of life. The best he can offer is that it perhaps arose from the actions of some extra-terrestrial life form (panspermia), which he then admits had to evolve itself!

See this movie. You will not be disappointed.


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