Preaching and the Sovereignty of God

If we truly understand and appreciate the sovereignty of God, we will preach…

  • the Bible as the Word of the sovereign God.
  • man as the creation of the sovereign God.
  • sin as rebellion against the sovereign God.
  • eternal destruction as the just judgment of the sovereign God.
  • the incarnation as the sovereign God taking our humanity.
  • the life of Christ as the sovereign God providing the perfect righteousness that He Himself demands.
  • the cross as the atonement of the sovereign God.
  • the resurrection as the sovereign God declaring His satisfaction with Christ.
  • faith as the gift of the sovereign God.
  • sanctification as the ongoing, sure work of the sovereign God.
  • heaven as the victory of the sovereign God.

(Roger Ellsworth, “The Sovereignty of God and Pastoral Ministry”, Founders Journal, Winter 2003, pp. 13-17)


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