Becoming a Contagious Pastor

I am constantly frustrated that I cannot seem to bring about a hunger and passion for the deeper things of God in my congregation.  What Pastor hasn’t experienced the disappointments of seeing much of his flock expend energy and attention on lesser pursuits rather than cultivating a closer walk with God.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my congregation.  That is why it is particularly painful to see them more enamored with American Idol or golf, or CSI or college basketball than with Scripture or prayer or worship.  I want them to seek satisfaction in Christ rather than in entertainments or recreations that are destined to perish. Now, I know that I am incapable of producing anything in anyone, but I wish I was able to do more to encourage my congregation in this area.

John Piper has written, Advice to Pastors: How to Help Your People Be More Satisfied in God. His first piece of advice is to “Love God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength in the presence of other people. It is contagious.”  This was particularly powerful advice to me.  It has encouraged me to work harder at demonstrating my own love for God than I have been.  If you are in ministry, please read the whole article and remember to model what we hope to teach.


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