Brister on Ministry Professionalism

Here’s a thought provoking post over at Provocations and Pantings.


3 thoughts on “Brister on Ministry Professionalism

  1. Have you read any Erwin Raphael McManus? He writes about “Barbarian Christianity”. The idea is to be radically responsive to God’s call.

    I am too constrained myself to truly embrace that, but it certainly is a challenge worth wrestling with.

    • Hi Tim,
      Thanks for the comment. I have not read the book, but from what I know of McManus he holds a very low view of Scripture and so his idea of being responsive to God’s call would be considerably different than mine. The idea itself is certainly admirable, but in McManus’ case, he is probably taking it in a direction I would not be comfortable with.

      • I have read a couple of his books, and heard him speak once (Willow Creek). I actually can’t say what his view of Scripture is. His message is more about Christianity reaching across cultural barriers. He graduated from Southwestern Seminary which generally produces folks who are committed to Scripture.

        I think his message is Scriptural. He focuses on the Great Commission and the need to take the message to the ends of the earth in ways that people of other cultures can comprehend and embrace. He talks much more about style than content. He has a mystical slant; wanting people to respond to the leading of the Spirit in radical ways (leave your nets and follow).

        I am too risk adverse to just do that. I want plenty of assurance. I want to “test the spirits”. For me, the question is this. Am I making excuses to keep from doing what God asks, or am I just doing things “decently and in good order”. I need to listen to McManus because he makes me uncomfortable as he challenges me to be less complacent and more attentive the Spirit.

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