Reflections on 20 Years of Marriage

An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels.
(Proverbs 31:10)

Twenty years ago I stood in front of family and friends at Satilla Baptist Church and pledged before God and man my covenant commitment to my wife, Teresa.  There are many things I remember that day, the south Georgia heat, the south Georgia gnats that had to be shooed away through the seemingly endless pictures… but I mostly remember thinking that my life was about to take a different direction.  The reality of the moment set in and it dawned on me that I was moving from life as an individual to life as a husband.  The two were about to become one flesh.

Twenty years seems like no more than five.  People joke about the slow years of marriage, but I can truthfully say that these twenty years have flown by.  Perhaps that’s just because I truly enjoy every moment with Teresa. I don’t understand couples who say that they need a break from one another.  I love seeing her in the morning and I love coming together again at the end of the day.  When apart, I can’t wait to get back home to her.  Separate vacations and solitary travel are just not part of our lives.

Over the past twenty years we have been through some momentous events.  I was not a pastor when we were married nor did it seem a remote possibility. For a woman who did not enlist as a minister’s wife she has proven to be an exceptional one and is my greatest asset.  We have lived through moves, catastrophic injuries, seminary, and the ups and downs of life in the ministry, but not once has she ever been anything less than fully supportive.  God in His great wisdom has graced me with the perfect helpmate.

As I look back at the past, I also look ahead with anticipation to what God has for us in the future.  Our love has not grown cold but deepens with each passing year.  There is no one on earth that I would rather have by my side than my beautiful wife.  Happy anniversary, my dear; I can’t wait to see what the next twenty years hold!


One thought on “Reflections on 20 Years of Marriage

  1. This is absolutely the most beautiful message any spouse could bestow on the other. I am so proud. I love you both so very much.

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