Dealing with one of the main causes of anxiety…Money

Yesterday, we looked at some biblical passages that addressed the sin of anxiety, but if you’re like a lot of people, those passages seem to fade into the background when some big, scary problem arises.  One of the primary sources of anxiety in our day is financial concerns.  Over the past couple of years I have witnessed many in my own congregation struggle with joblessness and the uncertainty that comes with it.  Financial concerns are very real, but so are God’s promises.  We may not be able to stop feelings of anxiety over money from rising, but we can respond to them with truth.

Today, I want to point you to a four-part series from David Powlison of CCEF who offers some sound counsel on dealing with financial worries.  The links will be found below and you should read the whole thing, but consider this from his summary.

Do you want to hear a good description of what happens with anxiety? “A man who has no control over his spirit is like a city broken into and without walls.” That’s Proverbs 25:28. How do you get a grip when barbarians are rioting in the streets of your mind? Terrorist attackers, a gang of criminals, suicide bombers, cities invaded, fires everywhere, a lion in the street, chaos. Your mind loses its grip. Fear and anxiety have taken over. Nothing’s safe or certain.

Anxiety is a universal human experience, and you need to approach it with a plan. Notice this is not a formula. When Andy Reid coaches the Philadelphia Eagles, he doesn’t know a single thing that’s going to happen after the opening whistle. He doesn’t even know who’s going to kick off until they flip a coin. But he’s not unprepared. He goes in with a game plan, a basic orientation to the game ahead.

You can find the articles here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4.


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