Sunday Morning Outline

I hope to begin posting an outline for my morning sermon ahead of time.  Here is the outline for 1/30/11 from our series in John, “That You Might Believe.”

“Where’s Jesus in the Stormy Darkness?”
John 6:15-21 (see also , Matthew 14:22-33 & Mark 6:45-52)

Main Point: We have Jesus’ protection and provision even when we are struggling and feel alone.

I.                   Sometimes Jesus Sets Us Up to Feel Alone (16-17)

a.       Why were the disciples alone?

b.      It sometimes takes difficulty to teach us what comfort cannot

II.                  Sometimes Obedience Is Hard (18)

a.       The disciples were in the storm because of their obedience.

b.      Jesus is aware of your struggle

III.                Sometimes it Takes Difficulty to See Jesus Clearly (19-21)


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