Sunday AM Outline 2/20/11

Belief that Leads to Life

John 6:30-40

In this section, Jesus exposes the false belief of the crowds who have come after Him.  He pronounces his verdict upon their belief in v.36, “But I said to you that you have seen me and do not believe.”  They could not understand that the blessing they longed for was found in him, not in a temporary blessing. Today we will learn two things about saving belief.

I. The Quality of Belief is Determined By Its Object (30-36)

A. False Belief Sets Up Its Own Conditions (30-31)

B. Saving Belief Moves From Sign to Significance (32-33)

C. Saving Belief Rests On A Person, Not a Product (34-35)

D. Saving Belief Looks Beyond What It Can See (36)

II. The Ability to Believe is Given By God (37-40)

A. The Father’s Will Guarantees Persevering Belief (37-39)

B. The Father’s Will Guarantees Eternal Life (40)


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