Ed Welch on Self-Control

In this article Ed Welch notes the dichotomy between our desire for self-discipline and self-indulgence.  You can read the whole thing here, but here is a sample.

The quest for self-indulgence is inevitably coupled with the dream for self-control, though one desire tends to be stronger than the other. The same magazines that promote sexual freedom are the same ones that offer five steps to loose ten pounds and how not to become overtaken by unruly emotions. The United States may be the first country to outdo the rest of the world in both obesity (licentiousness) and exercise (self-discipline) simultaneously. Up to this point, self-indulgence has been dominant, but slavery to indulgence is taking its toll, and you can almost feel the balance of power changing. We now consult life coaches for help and they aren’t known for their whatever-you-want advice. Whereas we once majored in self-indulgence and minored in self-control, we can now easily imagine thoughtful people asking: What must I do to not be controlled by my emotions and desires?


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