AM Sermon Outline 3/6/11

Seeing, Believing, Abiding & Staying

John 6:41-71

I. Seeing the True Person of Jesus is Dependent on Revelation (41-51)

A. We Are Drawn By God (44)
B. God Draws Us Through His Word (45-51)

II. Believing in Jesus Means Depending on Him and Finding Satisfaction in Him (52-59)

A. Stated Negatively and Positively (52,58)
B. Two Reasons For This (55-56)

III. Abiding in Jesus Means Living By the Spirit-Applied Word (60-65)

A. Notice the connection between the life-giving Spirit and the words of Jesus

IV. Staying With Jesus Comes from Learning That There Is  Life in no One Else (66-71)

A. A question we must all grapple with at some point (67)
B. An answer that sums up the life of faith (68-69)
C. A response that helps us rest in God’s sovereign purpose (70-71)

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