AM Sermon Outline 5/1/11

The True Cause of Unbelief

John 7:1-24

Context: The seventh chapter of John’s gospel begins the last six months of Jesus’ ministry and will lead to the cross.  During this time the unbelief and opposition He faces will intensify.  In these verses we will see three groups who deny Jesus and will learn the true nature of unbelief.

Main Point: Accepting or rejecting the claims of Jesus is never a purely intellectual decision. The primary reasons that people reject Jesus are moral and spiritual.

I. The Brother’s Unbelief (vv. 1-9)

  1. The Feast of Tabernacles (v.1-2)
  2. Unbelief wants to accomplish God’s work man’s way (3-4)
  3. Close association with Jesus is not the same as belief. (5)
  4. The Christian’s relationship to the world and the timing of God (6-9)

II. The Crowd’s Grumbling (10-13)

  1. A high opinion of Jesus is not the same as belief
  2. Unbelief fears men more than God

III. The Jewish Leaders’ Questioning (14-24)

  1. Admiring the teachings of Jesus is not the same as belief.
  2. V. 17 the key to understanding unbelief
  3. Ultimately, unbelief is a heart issue.

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