AM Sermon Outline 5/8/11 & Audio

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The Consequences of Unbelief and the Invitation to Eternal Life

John 7:25-39

I. The Consequences of Unbelief (25-36)

A. Willful ignorance and its consequences (25-29)

B. The sovereignty of God Over Unbelief (30-34)

C. The miserable conclusion to unbelief (34-36)

II. The Invitation to Eternal Life (37-39)

A. All men have need of Christ (If anyone thirsts…)

B. Nothing but Christ can satisfy that need (let him come to me….)

C. When we come to him we are filled to overflowing (rivers of living water…)

D. All of this is accomplished through the ministry of the Holy Spirit (v. 39)

Download in MS Word format below.

John 7;25-39 CO.


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