J.C. Ryle Responds to Rob Bell

Yes, I know that Ryle died in 1900!  But I think his words are a particularly appropriate response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins.

If you would ever be a healthy and scriptural Christian, I entreat you to beware of any ministry which does not plainly teach the reality and eternity of hell.  Such a ministry may be soothing and pleasant, but it is far more likely to lull you to sleep than to lead you to Christ or build you up in the faith.  It is impossible to leave out any portion of God’s truth without spoiling the whole.  That preaching is sadly defective which dwells exclusively on the mercies of God and the joys of heaven and never sets forth the terrors of the Lord and the miseries of hell.  It may be popular, but it is not scriptural; it may amuse and gratify, but it will not save.  Give me the preaching which keeps back nothing that God has revealed.  You may call it stern and harsh; you may tell us that to frighten people is not the way to do them But you are forgetting that the grand object of the gospel is to “persuade men to flee from the wrath to come,” and that it is vain to expect men to flee unless they are afraid.  Well would it be for many professing Christians if they were more afraid about their souls than they now are!

Taken from the chapter “Lot – A Beacon” in Holiness by J.C. Ryle


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