Sermon Outline & Audio 6/12/11 “The Truth Will Make You Free”

John 8:31-36

Main Point: Those that are truly Christ’s disciples demonstrate their loyalty to Jesus by continuing to live outwardly the belief they claim inwardly. Only persevering belief can bring assurance, knowledge of the truth and freedom.

I.                    The Promise of Freedom (31-33)

  1. There is a condition to be met (31a)
  2. There are consequences that follow (31b-32)

i.      Assurance
ii.      Knowledge of the truth
iii.      Freedom
II.                  The Question of Slavery (33-36)

  1. Men and women do not like to be told that they are not free (33)
  2. Apart from Christ men labor under two illusions about freedom

i.      That they are free without Christ
ii.      True freedom is found in following one’s impulses
3. Jesus corrects those illusions
i.      Our natural state is that of bondage (34)
ii.      Only Christ can set us free from that bondage (35-36)

Download in MS Word John 8:31-36 CO

Download PDF John 8:31-36 CO


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