Carl Trueman on Critics

With typical clarity, Carl Trueman has a good word for those who always seem to know how the rest of us should do things.  In criticizing “armchair reformers” he writes,

Thinking over this story taught me an important lesson: there are tough guys and there are fluff guys.  The fluff guys, rather like eunuchs, are often quite brilliant.  They also (like eunuchs) know what should be done, how it should be done and who should be doing it but are sadly not actually capable of doing it themselves.  The tough guys may not be perfect and may never achieve all that they hope to achieve. Calvin managed what?  Maybe 70% of what he really wanted in Geneva?   But they do actually do some reformation, they have the backbone to sit in meetings, say unpopular things to the face of those who oppose them, and take the consequent hits; they take personal risks with their careers for the sake of making a difference; they do not simply talk about reformation from the safe distance provided by the internet.  Talk is fun; the internet is a hobby; only action makes a difference (emphasis mine).

I have always believed that critics are little more than people who sit around and take potshots at those who are attempting what the critic is either unwilling or unable to do.  Read the article here.


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