Sermon Outline & Audio 7/17/11 “The Authority of God Over Suffering” John 9:4-12

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The Authority of God Over Suffering

John 9:4-12

Main Point:  Jesus’ control over our uncontrollable infirmities gives us confidence in the face of adversity.  When reflecting upon God’s authority over suffering we must remember these three important points…

I.  The Source of Authority (4-5)

A. Authority defined

B. “Works of God”

C. The Authority of Christ

II. The Sign of Authority (6-7)

A. Healing without limits

B. Healing through secondary means

C. Authority demands obedience

D. The SIGN-ificance of this healing

III. Our Response to Authority (8-12)

A. Wonder

B. Perplexity

C. Worship

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