How Effective are Gospel Tracts?

Christianity today, in an article entitled, Should We Still Give Out Tracts? asks the following question,

An Illinois circuit court recently ruled that a Baptist group could legally distribute anti-Catholic leaflets at a Catholic festival. Meanwhile the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals said that it was unconstitutional to restrict passing out Christian tracts at the Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Michigan. So now that such festival evangelism is legal, the question is: Is it effective?

There are some interesting responses in the article.  I would love to hear what you think.


One thought on “How Effective are Gospel Tracts?

  1. Steven Menteer II says:

    When I hear the question, “should we still hand out tracts” my mind doesn’t jump to pragmatics. Evangelism isn’t a numbers game. Our effort in ministry doesn’t bow before the god of pragmatics, but before the Almighty God who causes men to come to Him by His grace.

    So, should we hand out tracts? Yes, but only if it’s a tract faithful to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Should we expect them to save men? No, we wait patiently on God to cause men to be born again, to confess their sin, and run to Christ for refuge.

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