Sermon Outline & Audio for 7/23/11 “True Blindness” John 9:13-41

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True Blindness

John 9:13-41

Main Point: Jesus’ healing of the man born blind was meant to demonstrate that Jesus opens the eyes of those who can’t see and further hardens those who won’t see.

I.    An Encounter With Jesus Divides Men (13-16)

  1. One Group was Incensed
  2. One Group was Intrigued
  3. One Man Was Convinced

II.  Questions About Jesus Cause Some to Fear Men More Than God (17-23)

  1. Fear of Man is Its Own Kind of Blindness
  2. Fear of Man Brings Bitter Fruit

III. An Encounter With Jesus Brings Increased Understanding to Those Who Believe and Hardness to Those Who Don’t  (24-41)

  1. No Amount of Evidence Will Convince someone Determined Not To Believe
  2. Boldness is the By-product of Settled Conviction
  3. Acting on What You Do Know Brings Increased Understanding
  4. The End of All Knowledge is Worship

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