Check This Out! Weekend Edition

Why not use your days off for some thought-provoking and edifying reading? Here’s a start:

  • C. Michael Patton asks, “Do Joel Osteen and I Worship the Same God?” You can find his answer here.
  • Here’s one that will keep you busy for a while.  It’s the latest 9 Marks e-journal on church revitalization.  Glad to see someone addressing this important issue.  Read the whole thing here.
  • Ed Welch delves deeply into the question, “Do People Who Commit Suicide Go To Heaven?”  A good reminder for us to look behind the question to the deeper issues.  Take the time to read it here.
  • Looking for a church home?  R.W. Glenn lists seven key points as he addresses, “What to Look For in a Church.”  Read it here.
  • Along the same lines as the previous post, Brain Croft examines the question, “How Long Should I Attend Before I Join a Church.” You can find his answer here.
  • If you have ever struggled with Scripture memory you may want to read Paul Tautges’ “6 Tips for Memorizing Scripture” here.
  • Finally, a wonderful story from Anthony Russo from the great missionary, Amy Carmichael.  God definitely fashions us for His purposes! Read it here.

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