Check This Out 12/14/11

Here are several Christmas related articles for you and a few other non-Christmas posts thrown in for good measure!

  • John Piper gives “12 Reasons for Christmas” View Article
  • Albert Mohler responds to the question, “Must We Believe in the Virgin Birth”  View article…
  • Thom Rainer has a good word for those who are hurting during the Christmas season View article…
  • Dan Barnes goes on a good rant about things that drive him crazy with Christmas View article…
  • Carl Trueman helps put the season back into perspective in, “Christmas and the faith and courage to live — or die.”  View article…
  • If you struggle with Anxiety you will want to read, “Worry, Anxiety, and the Kingdom of Christ,” from Dr. Russell Moore View article…
  • A great article from Justin Taylor on “Thinking through Arguments in the Public Square.” View article…
  • Ed Stetzer takes a look at “Fast-Growing Smaller Churches
  • Paul Tautges takes a look at “How to Write a Good Sympathy Card.” View Article…

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