Sermon 1/29/12 An Overview of Malachi

This Sunday we will begin a new series through the book of Malachi.  Malachi was the last of the minor prophets and the last word from God for 400 years until the coming of John the Baptist.  The people had completed the temple and resumed worship after their exile to Babylon at the urging of Zechariah and Haggai, but it did not take them long to grow lax in their worship and complacent in their lifestyles as it seemed that God would not fulfill his messianic promises.

Malachi is particularly applicable to us today because the people struggled with many of the same issues that plague the church in 21st century America.  The people were struggling with corrupt leadership over God’s people, widespread divorce, neglected tithing and a lack of social justice.  Malachi helps us to learn how we should live and what we should be careful to avoid as we wait expectantly for God to fulfill his promises.  This Sunday I will be giving a broad overview of the book as we learn what we can expect in this powerful book.  Here is the outline:

Malachi: Living in Light of God’s Promises (an overview of Malachi)

Main Point:  God’s people can’t grow lax as they wait for God to deliver on his promises.  God expects sincere worship even when we can’t always see him at work. 

I.                    Sincere Worship Starts With Right Views of God (1:2-5; 3:13-4:3)
II.                  Sincere Worship Flows from Right Views of Ourselves (1:6-2:9; 3:6-12)
III.                Sincere Worship Demands Right Relationships With Others (2:10-16; 2:17-3:5)

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