Check This Out! 3/2/12

For your weekend reading pleasure.  If you’re a member of my church I encourage you to read the last article on the list as a bit of sermon preparation for Sunday morning.

  • Many of the stupid, foolish and sinful things we do involve a crowd, even if the crowd is just one or two other people. From Ed Welch, “A Crowd Can Make You Crazy.” View Article…
  • Sure hope everyone at First Baptist reads Phil Ryken on “How To Listen to a Sermon.” View Article…
  • Some astute observations from Jason Stambaugh on the true cost of social Media, “Social Media is Free, But Comes With a Price.” View Article…
  • From Russell Moore, “Is It Right for a Christian to Take Anti-Depressants?” View Article…
  • Here is one pastor’s perspective on how he determines which marriages he will perform.  Since he develops much of his theology on marriage from Malachi 2:13-16, the text I will be preaching Sunday, this is a very timely post. Mike Bergman on “Why I Have a More Exclusive Wedding Policy…” View Article…

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