Palm Sunday 2012: The Pathway to Glory

This Sunday we will celebrate Palm Sunday with a familiar text, John 12:12-26.  Actually, the first half, vv. 12-19 is familiar since it recounts the events of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. But this Sunday we will focus on those Greeks who were present in Jerusalem during the Passover celebration and who came to the disciples with the hope of meeting Jesus (vv. 20-21).  Instead of answering  their request directly, Jesus responds with truth about himself, his mission and the nature of what it means to follow him.  We don’t know if these Greeks ever got to meet Jesus but we do learn something about “The Pathway to Glory.”

Pathway to Glory (John 12:12-26)

Main Point: Jesus was a King destined for a cross.  Just as his ultimate glory came through his death and resurrection, the glory we desire comes only as we die to ourselves and live to follow Him.

I.    The Pathway to Fruitful Life is Through the Death of Christ (24)

II.  The Pathway to Eternal Life is Through Letting Go of This Life (25)

  1. Jesus speaks of losing our lives
  2. Jesus speaks of hating our lives

III. The Pathway to the Father’s Favor is Through Service to the Son (26)

  1. To serve is to follow
  2. To follow is to be with Christ
  3. To serve Christ leads to the Father’s honor

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