Thomas Watson on the Lord’s Supper

Tomorrow we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, made all the more special by its coinciding with Palm Sunday.  As we prepare our hearts to receive God’s blessings, consider these words on the blood of Christ and the seriousness of sin.

Was Christ’s body broken? Then we may behold sin odious in the red looking-glass of Christ’s sufferings. It is true, sin is to be abominated since it turned Adam out of paradise and threw the angels down to hell. Sin is the peace-breaker. It is like an incendiary in the family that sets husband and wife at variance. It makes God fall out with us. Sin is the birthplace of our sorrows—and the grave of our comforts. But that which may most of all disfigure the face of sin and make it appear abominable is this—It crucified our Lord Jesus! It made Christ veil His glory and lose His blood.

If a woman saw the sword which killed her dear husband—how hateful would the sight of it be to her! Do we count that sin light—which made Christ’s soul heavy unto death? Mark 14:34. Can that be our joy—which made the Lord Jesus a man of sorrows? Isaiah 53:3. Did He cry out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” And shall not those sins be forsaken by us—which made Christ Himself forsaken? O let us look upon sin with indignation! When a temptation to sin comes, let us say, “Is not this the sin which poured out Christ’s blood!” Let our hearts be enraged against sin.

When the senators of Rome showed the people Caesar’s bloody robe, they were incensed against those who slew him. Sin has rent the white robe of Christ’s flesh, and died it a crimson color. Let us, then, seek to be avenged of our sins. Under the Law, if an ox gored a man so that he died, the ox was to be killed, Exodus 21:28. Sin has gored and pierced our Savior! Let it die! What a pity is it for sin to live—which would not allow Christ to live!

Was Christ’s body broken? Let us, then, from His suffering on the cross, learn this lesson—do not wonder if we meet with troubles in the world. Did Christ suffer—who “knew no sin,” and do we think it strange to suffer—who know nothing but sin? Did Christ feel the anger of God? And is it much for us to feel the anger of men? Was the Head crowned with thorns? Must we have our bracelets and diamonds—when Christ had the nails and spear going to His heart! Truly, such as are guilty may well expect the lash—when He, who was innocent, could not go free.

Contemplating Communion With You,

Pastor Todd


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