Sunday AM 4/29/12 “Conversion…All Things Made New”

We all love new things! Even when our old things are perfectly good we still like new things to replace them.  When it comes to our relationship with Christ, the old simply will not do.  No matter how good the old man looks on the outside it is simply unacceptable to God.  This is why when Jesus saves us he does away with the old and makes all things new.

Conversion…All Things Made New

2 Cor. 5:11-21

I.    Conversion…Why Is it Necessary?

  1. 3 Foundational Truths

II. Conversion…What Should We Expect?

  1. A Transformed Mind
  2. A Transformed Heart
  3. A Transformed Will

III.   Conversion…What it Isn’t and What it Is?

  1. It isn’t mere outward reform
  2. It is a change of action based on a changed heart

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