Check This Out! Wednesday Edition

We are confronted daily with polls and statistics, especially during the political season.  Jason Zengerle explains the subjectivity in polling in “The Polls Make No Sense.”

This is one of the reasons I appreciate the work of Crossway Publishers. Click here to learn more about the Global Study Bible.

Ever wondered what to do with an old Bible. Tim Challies answers “How Do I Dispose of a Bible?”

Mark Howell explains, “What You’ll Never Hear About Preaching in Seminary.” This particular point stuck with me, Pride is an ever present reality for the preacher: You will battle pride throughout the course of your ministry. Remember that you are never as great of a preacher or as poor of a preacher as others say you are. And to be honest, it does not matter what others think about you or even what you think about yourself; what matters most is what God knows about you.”

Here’s a great interview with Mary Mohler and Mindy Belz on “Promoting Modesty in Our Teenage Daughters.”


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