Vintage Piper and a Prayer for First Baptist

As I am preparing to preach from Colossians 3:22-4:1 this week, verse 23 riveted my attention, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”  These words were written to first century slaves who would have had to do the most menial and at times degrading tasks imaginable, yet they are reminded that everything they did was ultimately service rendered to the Lord.

How easy it is to forget that the most mundane tasks say something about our relationship to God.  It reminded me of a sermon that Piper preached to his church entitled “Life is not Trivial.”  This statement from that sermon has always stuck with me, “The world is hungry for people for whom nothing is trivial, people who ooze with life because in everything they see a reflection of eternity—even in a fish and a blade of grass.” 

It took me a while to track down that sermon,and I later realized that he preached this the evening of his first Sunday as Bethlehem’s pastor.  From the beginning it was his desire to see his church live this vision out.  He said, “I have an emerging vision for Bethlehem Baptist Church—which I will be sharing along the way, but I can say now that an essential of that vision is that we become a church of people who see with the eyes of God and who see nothing as trivial, especially the Word and worship of God.”

That is my prayer for First Baptist as well.  That we would see everything we do as a reflection of the beauty, and majesty and worth of God.  Keep that vision before you when you wash dishes, take out trash or change diapers.  Think on these things as you wash clothes, care for the elderly, do paperwork or clean tables.  Nothing is trivial! All is to be done for the glory of God.

By His Grace and For His Glory,

Pastor Todd


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