For those who have prodigals….


For some reason I’ve come across several recent posts from those who have lived through the pain of seeing a loved one leave the faith or have been the child who has walked away only to return later.  I know many of you share this pain and pray fervently for God to bring back your “prodigal,” be it a son or daughter, husband or wife, or just a close friend.  I found these two posts to be especially encouraging  for those with prodigals.

This is the story of Barbara Juliani, daughter of a pastor and sister to Paul Miller, author of “A Praying Life.” Barb has written a book about her experience and I think many will identify with her story.

Also read the story of John and Noel Piper’s son, Abraham, as they recount the pain of seeing their son leave the faith but also recount the joy of his eventual return.  Read it here.

I hope you are encouraged by God’s faithfulness in both of these stories.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Todd


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