Knowing God the Son!

I am currently in a three sermon series entitled “Knowing God” in which we are examining each member of the Trinity and how we relate to each one personally.  While reading Dr. Bruce Ware’s book, “Father Son and Holy Spirit,” a book that I would highly recommend on the subject of the Trinity, I came across this wonderful description of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“What a great Savior and Lord we have in Jesus who is the Christ. He is the matchless King of kings and Lord of lords, the one who has died for sin, has been raised, has ascended, and who now sits in triumph at the right hand of the Father.  Notice that His place is at the right hand of the Father, but from that position he reigns over heaven and earth (Eph. 1:20-23). As we shall see throughout this chapter he is now in the process of bringing everything in subjection under his own feet. There is nothing spinning out of control, despite how our newspapers seem to read some mornings. The King of kings raises up presidents, prime ministers, dictators and despots, and he puts them down as he wills.  The one whose name is above every name, who has conquered Satan, sin and death, now reigns from his heavenly seat at the right hand of his Father, and his kingdom shall have no end!” (Bruce Ware, “Father Son and Holy Spirit: Relationships, Roles and Relevance”, 70.

These are helpful words to remember when your world seems to be out of control.  Christian, behold the wonder of your savior, God the Son!


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