Peace in the Lion’s Den

8692-anzy-duc-church-capital-daniel-lions-denThis Sunday I will be preaching on one of the most familiar stories of the Bible, “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” (Daniel 6:1-28). I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed my studies through this book and reexamining these familiar stories with an eye toward preaching them.  Today, I was especially blessed from Sinclair Ferguson’s comments on this chapter as he contrasts the perfect peace of Daniel against that of his antagonists and King Darius.

Daniel’s sense of tranquility and rest in the Lord stand against the anxieties and feverish activity of his enemies. At one time they are thronging to the king, disguising the truth from him; at another they are gathering at a vantage point from which to trap Daniel; at another they are anxiously maneuvering Darius into fulfilling his decree.  Similarly, the picture we are given of Darius is of a man trapped in the power of a situation partly created by his own sin.  For all his self-recrimination, his desire to do better, his efforts to change what he has been accomplished, Darius is utterly powerless. On the other hand, Daniel alone has peace; he alone has access to the source of all power.  He knows God, and he knows how to pray. Such people can never be made captives in any ultimate sense – they are already conquerors.  While their fate may appear to be sealed by those who labor to reduce the kingdom of God to abject weakness and regard its principles as utter folly, their lives ultimately demonstrate that the weakness of God is stronger than the strength of men, and the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men.

Sinclair Ferguson in Daniel, from “The Preacher’s Commentary” 124.

Christian, never forget the amazing peace that can be yours no matter what challenges the kingdom of darkness throws at you or the trial you may be going through. Think about that, you know God and you know how to pray! In Christ you are truly “more than conquerors” (Rom 8:37).


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