Laude Dignus (Joel Beeke edition)

The following are some highlights from Joel Beeke’s excellent little book, “Getting Back in the Race: The Cure for Backsliding.”

“Backsliding can progress so far that even the world will begin noticing your worldliness, perhaps with expressions of approval that you are not so “overly religious” anymore. Sometimes, even worldly people can be surprised at what a backsliding child of God will now do or allow.”

“If you want to find peace in the doctrine of election, you must repent and pursue holiness, and show yourself elect. As long as you rest in sin, you are on a trajectory towards hell.”

“While grace absolves the guilt of sin, it does not cheapen sin. Rather, grace aggravates the pain of sin, as it must, for it teaches us that the party we have offended is God—the very God whom we love in Christ.”

“Much backsliding could be avoided or remedied simply by faithful participation in a faithful church.”

“Through the graces poured by the Spirit on backsliding believers, they are effectually brought back to God again, and nothing short of this will restore their backsliding souls.”

“Dear backsliding believer, seek the Spirit’s saving graces earnestly and believingly. Seek grace to set out afresh, for God and divine favor, as if you had never walked this path before. Let this be your prayer at the footstool of mercy: “Oh, Lord, revive thy work! Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation! Fulfill thy own Word that ‘He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth’ (Psalm 72:6).”


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