The Sixth Commandment & The Sanctity of Life

Sunday morning I preached on  the sixth commandment from our Tablets of Stone series.  This commandment consists of four simple words in English (only two in Hebrew), but it has incredible implications for a culture that has lost its sense of the sanctity of life.  Here are some additional resources on this subject that you may find helpful.

The Sanctity of Life by John Davis

“The Sixth Commandment” – a sermon by Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

For those that are really motivated to learn about this subject, I would encourage you to check out this series of seven sermons  by Richard Phillips from the “Bearing the Sword Conference” which looks at the sixth commandment and how it applies to war and capital punishment.

A good video response for those who say that you can’t be pro-life if you support the death penalty.

Here is a page full of great resources from Answers In Genesis.


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