Worth a Look! 5/2/18


All of us face failure and disappointment at some point in life. How do we deal with it biblically? I think that you may find David Murray’s Failure and Disappointment in Scripture helpful.

Incidentally, the article above comes from this months issue of Tabletalk magazine, which you can view for free this month. It is definitely worth a look.

Parents, read Make it Easy for Your Children to Love God.

Moms, you may  also want to check out, The Hope that Moms don’t Need.

Almost all of us know someone who is battling anxiety and depression. If so, you may want to listen to this short podcast concerning, How to Care for Someone Battling Anxiety or Depression

Given the historic meeting between the leaders of the two Koreas, you may want to check out 9 Things You Should Know About Christianity in Korea

You’ve probably seen several posts on social media about California’s bill to ban speech critical to LGBTQ people.  Some of these posts have been accurate and some have not.  It is a very troubling bill and you can read of some of the issues in Snopes Is a Sneaky Liar About California’s Bill To Ban Christian LGBT Talk.

A profound message of hope in, Death is a Vapor.

Every person, handicapped or not, is uniquely made in God’s image. Read My Son’s Down Syndrome Showed Me the Real Imago Dei.

John Piper answers the question, “Why Do We See so Few Miracles in the World Today?”

What must you believe to be saved? Take a moment to read, Of First Importance: What will be on the test when we die?

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

Chuck Swindoll



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