Worth a Look! 3/17/20


One of the big questions that churches are asking right now is, “Do we cancel services and for how long?” There are plenty of arguments on both sides of the issue, but in this article Bruce Ashford asks, “Should Churches Submit to Government Demands to Shut Down Services?” Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Since it’s St. Patrick’s day, here is a great post on “St. Patrick and the Work of the Ministry.”

Over at Ligonier, Keith Mathison writes about Fighting Fear and Anxiety.

Let’s face it, none of us has ever experienced anything quite like the current crisis and it is difficult to know what to do from day to day.  Joe Carter encourages us from the life of King David to learn to Ask Small Questions in an Age of Uncertainty.

Finally, if you find yourself with extra time during the weeks to come, let me suggest you turn off traditional media and instead consume some solid Christian content.  One of the best ways to do that is with RefNet. This is great Christian content and music that I know you will find edifying.

“So surely as the stars are fashioned by His hands, and their orbits fixed by Him, so surely are our trials allotted to us: He has ordained their season and their place, their intensity and the effect they shall have upon us.”

 Charles Spurgeon 

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